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SoftException in Application.cpp:574: Could not execute script – HostGator

Do you have a HostGator shared account and you’re seeing Internal Server Errors intermittently on otherwise-working code?

I have a couple of domains at HostGator (not this domain). One of them experience this issue for several days. Randomly, loading any page on the site would generate “Internal Server Error” and the message in this post subject line in the error logs.

Nobody at HostGator could help me. I sat on with live chat for over an hour with a tech. During that chat session the site went down 3 times and they couldn’t tell me what was going on. I heard something about process limits, but traffic was zero (except for me, trying to load a page, and I wasn’t doing it 25 times). I asked to me moved to another node; they said they couldn’t do that. I have been so spoiled by ServInt and Linode! The problem disappeared on the first domain and hasn’t happened since.

This morning HostGator migrated another of my managed domains to a new host node. This required an IP address change, so I wonder if they changed datacenters. Right after the migration I’ve started having this error on this new domain.

If you’ve experienced this and have any information or just want to add a “me too!”, please comment. These are not errors in my code, because my code works most of the time on their server. There is nothing unusual in the access logs.

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