RowPro Christmas Mod

The RowPro Christmas Mod is a (non-unauthorized) modification to the RowPro 3.0 scenery that changes some of the trees into decorated Christmas trees for your holiday enjoyment. If you’re already running 3D mode with no graphics issues, this modification will not cause performance problems and the modification is fully reversible.


1. Close RowPro 3.0.

2. Navigate to c:\Program Files\Digital Rowing\RowPro\Media\courses. This folder should contain “” and “”. If those files are not present or if there are any other files present, do not install the Christmas Mod. Otherwise, continue with step 3.

3. Rename “” to “”. This is important because this is your backup file you will use later to remove the Christmas Mod.

4. Download the attached “” and copy it into the same folder (c:\Program Files\Digital Rowing\RowPro\Media\courses). The folder should now contain “”, “”, and “”.

6. Rename “” to “”.

Next time you run RowPro, you will have the Christmas Mod.


1. Close RowPro

2. Navigate to c:\Program Files\Digital Rowing\RowPro\Media\courses

3. Delete “”

4. Rename “” to “”

Next time you run RowPro the Christmas Tree Mod will be gone.


Disclaimers: Downloading the file above means acceptance of the following terms. The software is intended for fun/enjoyment/entertainment ONLY and is not intended to promote any particular religion, belief system, or tradition(s). Nor is the software meant to offend anyone. This mod affects the installed RowPro client only and does not change the user experience for other participants in online rows. Only users of your RowPro installation will see the modifications pictured above. If you are offended by Christmas trees or images thereof, DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE MOD. The software is provided as-is with no express or implied warranty. Use at your own risk.

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