Android Voice Dialing with Confirmation

If you have an Android phone, you may be lamenting the fact that when you use bluetooth to launch a voice prompt and say “Call mom at home”, the phone mysteriously starts dialing Kentucky Fried Chicken in Sandusky, Ohio (and your mom happens to live in Florida). And it does all this without confirmation! Thanks, Google.

To the rescue: Cyberon Voice Commander for Android. I found it in the market; it gets the contact name right probably 90% of the time (unless I’m in a very noisy environment), and of course the biggest feature of all, it confirms that you want to call what it thinks it heard you say.

This app was only 99 cents when I bought it, and worth ten times that (Microsoft charged $40 for their voice command application on Windows Mobile some years ago, though it was somewhat more polished and advanced than voice commander from Cyberon).

One thing to remember (they say this in the store app summary but not during installation) – you have to reboot after installing it for it to work.

Not a paid endorsement – I don’t work for them – just a happy user.

Delving into a little more detail, the app could use some polish. The prompts sound like they were recorded by a 10 year old girl, which could use a bit more professionalism. Also the voices change – the prompts are in the young girl voice, the recognition is in another voice, and while I don’t have the phone in front of me to test, I think I heard another voice in there as well. Would be nice to have some consistency here.

Also the feature set is fairly limited. With Microsoft Voice Command you could check signal strength, phone battery level, and say things like “what calls have I missed”. Cyberon’s app is geared mostly toward straight voice dialing. You can ask what time it is and you can start apps, but you can’t ask when your next appointment is, for example. Granted, typically when I need voice dialing is when I’m sitting in the car and the phone is in my pocket, so the most important feature really is the voice dialing, and Cyberon has done a good job of making a working solution to a problem even Google couldn’t solve.

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This now costs $5.99 but is worth 10x that much! The voice dialer on the Samsung Stratosphere is really worthless(read the forums). This on the other hand has worked flawlessly since I downloaded it. I worked 3 days with Samsung techs, Verizon techs and reading the manual when this little app fixed the problem in 5 minutes. Way to go Greg.

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