RowPro Version 3 Live Water No Trees Mod

This is a mod for RowPro Version 3 to allow live water mode with no trees (not available from the program options). From my testing so far this mod provides an increase in frames-per-secondĀ  (fps) performance, most notably if your video card is able to handle standard 3D mode but not Live Water mode.

Do I need this?

If you turn on “All Scenery (Live Water)” and your graphics are jittery and unusable, then you might want to try this mod. For my older RowPro system this works really well; if you have a recent graphics card and a powerful PC then you may not need this.


To install, download the attached “” (yes, that is the file name and do NOT change it). Copy it to your RowPro system if necessary, to a location you will be able to find later (like the desktop). On the RowPro machine, close RowPro if it is currently open. Navigate to c:\Program Files\Digital Rowing\RowPro\Media\courses, and rename the “” file you see there to “”. This will be your backup of the original scenery files with trees in case you don’t like this mod or if you have problems. You can simply leave it in this folder.

Now move the “” file that you downloaded here into the “courses” folder above. In the courses folder you should have “”, “” (that you just downloaded), and “” (the original “” file that was installed by RowPro).

That’s it. Start RowPro and in the Control Center – System Settings – Display, select “All Scenery (Live Water)”.


Close RowPro, go into the courses folder above, delete the “” file you downloaded from here, rename “” to “”.


This mod removes trees from all options, so if you want your trees back even in standard 3D mode, uninstall the mod. Also, it’s not that I don’t like the trees in RowPro; they’re great, but my older video card chokes on them and the graphics are jittery. Of course this is unsupported, no warranty expressed or implied, no fitness for a particular purpose, etc. and not endorsed or recommended by RowPro or Digital Rowing.


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